The world depicted in the Incredible Hulk TV Series and Telemovies is a streetwise, rather than four-colour, treatment. Aside from Dr. David Banner / Hulk, there are only two other superbeings known, Thor and Daredevil. There are no super villains as such and the thrust of the series is one of social drama and helping people rather than bashing bad guys. As a youngster I found this refreshing and highly enjoyable. I still do, hence my original role-playing game and now this site.

Dr. David Banner

Dr. David Banner


"Mister McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

Hulk Out ~ Whenever angry or in pain Dr. David Banner becomes the Incredible Hulk. This transformation lasts as long as his rage is maintained.

Improved Health ~ As a side-effect of his transformations, Dr. David Banner is in the peak of health. He heals without scarring and ages slowly.

Talents ~ Medicine, Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Physics, Streetsmarts, Languages (English with Some Chinese and Spanish).

Contacts ~ Good Street.

Hulk in Action.

The Incredible Hulk


Body Armour ~ The Hulk's tough hide and dense musculature provides him with Excellent protection against Blunt Attacks, Good protection against Edged Attacks, and Poor protection against all other physical and energy attacks. In addition he has Unearthly resistance to cold and radiation.

Regeneration and Recovery ~ The Hulk heals at a greatly accelerated rate, some 50 times faster than normal, and thus recovers 5 health every round. The Hulkís enhanced healing powers also provide him with Monstrous Endurance for resisting the effects of toxins and disease. In addition, he has Remarkable resistance to ageing and the effects of fatigue poisons. Tough and resiliant, the Hulk recovers from losses of Endurance with Amazing ability. One rank is recovered per day, so long as he makes a successful FEAT roll.

Roar ~ The Hulk can roar with Excellent effect. He has used this as a Power Stunt to create a Good intensity gale and to generally intimidate people.

Adrenalin Surge ~ If an obstacle or opponent has not been dealt with within five rounds, the Hulkís Strength shifts to Amazing. If the obstacle or opponent has still not been dealt with in another five rounds his Strength shifts to Monstrous.

Talents ~Nil.

Contacts ~Nil.

Thor in Action

Thor is a stereotypical Viking warrior. Loud and impetuous. Fond of drinking and wenching. He is also daring, brave and a good comrade. There are depths to him that only his friends appreciate.


War Hammer ~ Thor is armed with an enchanted Norse hammer that, in addition to having the power to summon him from the Realm of Shadows and Mist, also has storm powers. He employs the hammer with Monstrous Fighting, Remarkable Agility, inflicts up to Incredible Blunt Attack damage and has an initiative modifier of 1. If employed for maximum blunt attack damage, Thor's hammer inflicts an additional electrical attack of Excellent intensity.

Body Armour ~ Thor's leather and metal body armour provides him with Good protection against Blunt and Edged Attacks.

Twilight of the Gods ~ Thor has survived into modern times in a Land of Shadow and Mist, between the worlds. He can be summoned from this realm by use of his enchanted hammer, which remains in the mortal world. Thor must periodically return to this realm to maintain his vitality and powers. This also provides him with Remarkable resistance to ageing.

Magic Resistance ~ Thor receives a +1CS bonus on all Feats to resist magical influences. This extends not only to purely magical effects such as eldritch bolts, but also to physical manifestations of magic, such as dodging a fireball or holding up a stone wall summoned to crush him.

Talents ~ Weapon Master (War Hammer), Sharp Weapons, Trivia (Viking Culture and History), Languages (Old Norse and Summoner's Languages).

Contacts ~Medical Researcher Don Blake, Jingo Asakuma (Moon Child), Dr. David Banner.

From left: Banner, Thor, and Blake.

Don Blake


War Hammer ~ Don Blake carries Thor's enchanted Norse hammer, and can employ it's powers to summon Thor from the Realm of Shadows and Mist. This summoning is accompanied by a bolt of lightning and a thunder clap.

Talents ~ Martial Arts B (College Boxing), Medicine, Chemistry, Archaeology, Student, Languages (English and Latin).

Contacts ~ Good College.

Spirit of Moon Child

Jingo Asakuma (Moon Child)


Ninja Skills ~ Jingo Asakumaís ninja training enables her to see in conditions of darkness with Excellent ability, to conceal herself in shadows with Remarkable effectiveness, and to effect disguises with Good ability.

Ninja Gear ~ Jingo Asakuma always carries an impressive collection of ninja weapons and tricks concealed about her person. These include, but are not limited to, flash and smoke pellets, various knives and parrying weapons, ropes and grapples, and star knives.

Di-mak ~ Jingo Asakuma is the victim of a di-mak attack and as such her ki is slowly ebbing away. Every week she must make an Endurance Feat versus Excellent intensity or loose one point from all FASERIP abilities.

Talents ~ Oriental Weapons, Martial Arts A & E, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Trance, Mesmerism and Hypnosis, Languages (Japanese and English).

Contacts ~ Typical Street and Poor Criminal.


I had been a big fan of the TV Series in my youth, I even had the poster book and the card collection. In 1996, 'The Return of the Incredible Hulk' came on our local TV station. I had been running an AD&D campaign for a number of years and the group said, "That was cool, can we role-play it?" I went to the local video store and asked about the Hulk TV Series, they only had 'Death of the Incredible Hulk'. These two were enough, along with a copy of Marvel Superheroes 2nd Ed., to give me game stats and we had a few good games.


The first game opened with black garbed men breaking into the city morgue and stealing Dr. David Banner's body...

Change scene to...

Jack McGee walking into a diner in a dusty backwoods town. He is chasing up reports that the body of the man who becomes the Hulk has vanished from the city morgue. Enter Don Blake, chasing the same rumour about his friend. They team up and meet a vivacious young woman, Jingo Asakuma, from Japan who is also on the trail, why is a mystery. These three reach a secret military base in short order where Dr. David Banner's body is being 'researched'. They are spotted sneaking about the base and are chased, they split up. McGee is captured first, and just as the military is closing in, Blake summons Thor. As Thor and the military have a merry brawl, Blake frees McGee and they reach the medical lab. There they find a ninja inspecting the body. Just then Thor comes through the wall. The ninja tosses off some star knives, they bounce off Thor's body armour and trigger a meteorite-enhanced gamma-ray projector. Dr. David Banner's body is bathed in a fiery green glow. The army enters and captures everyone. The ninja is unmasked as Jingo Asakuma. Meanwhile, Dr. David Banner's dead eyes open and the transformation into the Hulk begins...

"Hulk Out!!!"

The base is trashed by the Hulk and Thor, while McGee, Blake, and Jingo Asakuma make good their escape. The Hulk wanders into the woods and becomes an unconscious, but very much alive, Dr. David Banner.


Don Blake is on the back of a Harley-Davidson Softtail, ridden by Jingo Asakuma. They are heading down a dirt road through heavy forest.

"Looks like we gave McGee the slip," yells Don over the roar of the bike. "So?, whatís the story? First youíre a freelance journalist looking for a story and now youíre a ninja? What gives?"

Jingo Asakuma pulls over with a wry smile. "Iím a shadow warrior. The journalist thing was just a cover. Iím the last of my clan. We have been decimated by the Golden Bamboo Tong. Even I did not escape unharmed, Iím sickening under the influence of a di-mak attack. Ninja are masters of covert action, in these modern times that involves us mainly with industrial espionage. In a bundle of stolen papers, I read a partial copy of Dr. Cliveís research notes and came looking for a possible cure in the Hulkís enhanced healing factor."

"I donít think thatís the answer to your condition," says a voice from the edge of the woods. A moment later, Dr. David Banner emerges from the dappled shadows.


Pardeep Fights for Faith and Nation

In the second scenario of the campaign, our trio arrive in Toronto. While seeking a cure for Moon Child (Jingo Asakuma), they become involved with a young Sikh boxer, Pardeep. As the situation develops they must confront and over come racial prejudice, the problems of religious minorities, organised crime and a motorcycle gang. One of the highlights is David hulking out at a live ZZ Top gig and trashing the gangís bikes. The gang leader ends up flying into Lake Ontario thanks to Thor.

This scenario also features good character development as a relationship begins between Don and Moon Child. David comes to be something of a father figure to Pardeep and reveals that he is a Doctor. Don also picks up some judo moves from Pardeep.

Travelling through the Great Lakes region, Don and Moon Child on her Harley-Davidson and David on an old Indian, our trio helps a community school threatened by big business at Thunder Lake. Several short adventures also occur during the road trip. Fighting illegal dumpers, stopping a deranged sniper and dealing with drugs in a small town.

In Winnipeg, our trio become caught up with industrial espionage involving the Hudson Bay tidal electric development. One of the highlights is David willingly hulking out to save a school bus trapped on a crumbling causeway in a thunderstorm. Another highlight is Thor riding Moon Childís Harley-Davidson Hog in pursuit of the master spy, and nearly running down a noisy Mr. McGee.

This scenario deepens the affair between Don and Moon Child. They even dance at a classy nightclub to a slow tango. Her growing weakness also becomes more apparent to her friends. At the close of the adventure, David grabs a postcard from a drugstore, and sends a quick word to Pardeep.

The road trip continues, with a few more short adventures occurring. Our trio expose fraud and embezzlement at a building program for the homeless, deal with a car rebirthing racket and youth unemployment in Saskatoon, help protect a Naskapi village from the threat of unscrupulous developers and thwart corrupt politicians in a local election.

In Vancouver, our trio helps the local Chinese community against a protection racket, only to come up against the Golden Bamboo Tong. This scenario went very badly for our trio.

Having used stealth to gain access to the Tong HQ, looking for hard evidence, they are spotted and trapped on the roof of the office block. Thor leaps from the roof, lands with slight injury, and attacks from the rear. David hulks out and begins tossing people about like sacks of wheat. However, Moon Child takes a few bad cuts from a sword as she tries to take out the Tong Leader. Don gives his life to save her when he rushes the Tong Leader, grabs him with a judo hold, and together they tumble from the roof. The building catches fire and all is chaos. As the building collapses, the Hulk staggers out of the inferno with Moon Child in his arms. The Hulk wanders away into the nearby industrial park and reverts to David Banner. Moon Child succumbs to the di-mak attack and slips away, comforted by Thor.


Dr. David Banner is hitchhiking out of town, towards a busy highway. A car pulls up and as David opens the door, the radio is playing the theme from ĎDeath of the Incredible Hulkí. The car pulls away, taking David back towards Toronto, as he puts his bag down on the floor. Strapped to the side of the carry-all is an ancient war hammer.

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Pardeep Fights for Faith and Nation

Pardeep Singh


Talents ~ Martial Arts A / B / C / D / E, Wrestling, Repair / Tinkering, Languages (Punjabi and English).

Contacts ~ Good Boxing Sub-Culture.

Reunion - The Campaign Continues

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