The Incredible Hulk


Recently the original players were all once again in Sydney and we continued the campaign. If only for one evening…

Dr. David Banner comes to learn that the brilliant, but eccentric, Russian scientist, Anton Vanko, is endeavouring to recreated his gamma ray experiments in Paris.

David travels to France, with Pardeep Singh and Natalia Alianova Romanova, Pardeep’s Georgian girlfriend and chemistry major. Thor’s Hammer is given to Natalia for safe keeping.

At the Café de Flore, David is captured by Vanko’s men wearing Soviet Super-Trooper Armour. They escape across the city skyline. But Natalia has come prepared and moments later she and Pardeep are giving chase along the Seine as Black Widow and Spiderman.

As the two groups speed through the old Latin Quarter, a holidaying Mr. McGee does a double take and grabs a cab, heading off in hot pursuit. He manages to snap a handful of hurried shots, getting some good images of Spiderman and Black Widow, later at the Eiffel Tower, he captures the Hulk in one crystal clear image, outlined by the Parisian skyline.

Vanko revels that he knows David’s true identity and has devised a way to recreated the Hulk. He plans to expose himself to the gamma ray injector, become the Hulk, cure his blood cancer and become the leader of a reborn Russian-European Empire.

Spiderman and Black Widow arrive on the scene and take out the Soviet Super-Troopers.

In the combat, Vanko escapes and heads for the Eiffel Tower, followed by David.

On the observation platform, David corners Vanko, and tries to explain the pain and life shattering effect of being the creature. Vanko hesitates a moment then draws a revolver and shoots the American.

Hulk Out!!!

Crimson Dynamo appears on the scene. His mission to eliminate anyone involved with this breech of Soviet State Security. Overmatched, Spiderman delays the armoured giant, while Black Widow summons Thor.

More Soviet Super-Troopers arrive and, as the Hulk deals with them, Vanko tries to escape but is shot in the back by Crimson Dynamo. The Hulk and Thor double team and take out the armoured giant. Vanko dies minutes later in the Hulk’s arms.

“Please forgive me… I didn’t appreciate the burden you live under…”

Pardeep as Spiderman

Spider Man

Psyche:Excellent(20)Popularity: 37 / 25.

Fighting Logistics ~ Pardeep has a naturally tactical mind. In combat, after he fights another for 1d10 rounds (not turns), he can acquire a +1 CS to all Fighting FEATs concerning said opponent. This plus will last until this foe undergoes radical changes.

3D Sense ~ The 3D sense ability is indicative of the ability to think in 3D, as opposed to the normal 2D that folks normally resort too. Pardeep isn't ever at a disadvantage against foes simply based on their position relative to him.

Luckiness ~ Things just seem to go Pardeep’s way. All the time. This is because every tenth time he rolls the dice, the roll is altered. The higher die will sit in the tens place, and the lower die will sit in the ones place.

Honesty ~ Pardeep is honest. Normally, this is a good thing, but is counted as a negative ability as it prevents him from lying, if necessary. In order to tell a lie, or even stretch the truth, Pardeep must pass a Psyche FEAT roll at -1 CS.

Talents ~ Martial Arts A / B / C / D / E, Wrestling, Repair / Tinkering, Languages (Punjabi / English / French).

Contacts ~ Good Boxing Sub-Culture.

Web Shooters ~ Pardeep wears these Excellent material strength devices on his wrists to project a web-like chemical formula. The webbing is of Incredible material strength in the round it is fired, and hardens into Monstrous material strength in the next round. This webbing is used by Pardeep for web missiles (as a Blunt Attack for Excellent damage with a 3 area range), restraining opponents, temporally blinding opponents and obscuring sensors, web walls and shields, safety nets, web parachutes and gliders, and swing lines (travel at 3 areas/round). The webbing dissolves after one hour.

Web Bombs ~ Pardeep carries 12 of these animatronic devices upon his web belt, each resembles a giant jumping spider. Each ruptures on impact and spreads a web-like chemical formula throughout the target area. The webbing is of Incredible material strength in the round it is released, and hardens into Monstrous material strength in the next round. This webbing is used by Pardeep for restraining opponents, web walls, and safety nets. He can hurl a web bomb 2 areas and determines the webs form by the specific nature of his throw. The webbing dissolves after one hour.

Web Belt ~ Pardeep wears a belt of interlocking silvery webs (secondary adamantium, Unearthly material strength). Each web is actually a universal clip that can hold anything he cares to carry. The webs are further designed so that a web bomb will firmly lock into place upon the top of each. The belt consists of some 12 webs.

Costume ~ Pardeep’s classic red and blue Spiderman costume is composed of Beta-Cloth, a Good material strength fabric. It provides him with Typical protection from physical attacks and Excellent resistance to heat & radiation.

Wall-Crawling ~ The gloves and boots of Pardeep’s Spiderman costume contain microscopic suction cups, actuated by electro-static charge, that provide him with Remarkable wall-crawling abilities.

Sensors ~ Computer enhanced optical electronics provide Good passive light intensification, Typical passive infrared, and Typical passive ultraviolet. The computer also provides a motion detector that registers vibrations in the air indicating movement and a chemical analysis system that operates on vapour traces. A radio comm-link provides mobile communications links at a range of up to twenty miles. Filters and lenses provide Pardeep with Excellent protection against gas, smoke, sonic sensory overload and visual sensory overload.

Black Widow

Psyche:Typical(6)Popularity: 27 / 3.

Natural Talent ~ Natalia has a natural disposition towards Chemistry. When using said skill, she has a +1 CS to any FEAT roll required by its usage, in addition to any normal pluses provided by talents.

Alertness ~ This ability demonstrates a preternatural awareness of one's surroundings. Natalia is rarely surprised by others, even when confronted by trained sneaky-folk or any stealth technology. Furthermore, she is a terminally light sleeper. It is almost impossible to sneak up on her, even if she is asleep. If Natalia passes a yellow Intuition FEAT when asleep, she will wake up automatically if someone tries to get her.

Charmed ~ This ability is like Luckiness in that it alters die rolls for the better. Fortunately for the friends of charmed Natalia, this improvement affects their die rolls, instead. The individual to benefit from this help must be determined randomly, after the originally charmed fellow has his tenth die roll affected.

Weirdness Magnet ~ Folks with this ability tend to eke through existence on the high end of the probability curve. Strange things tend to happen around them, and even stranger things happen to them. Smart people that recognise a weirdness magnet for what she is tend to keep their distance. Freak accidents, strange phenomena, and absolutely kooky people tend to cross paths with Natalia, with improbable frequency. Unfortunately, this happens to those in Natalia's immediate vicinity, as well, which can lead to tension. Unless they are into this sort of thing. It's easy to be a super hero when all the weirdness continually blows your way. Often, you don't even have to leave home! If anything else, this definitely makes life a whole lot more interesting.

Talents ~ Acrobatics, Thrown Objects, Tumbling, Psychiatry, Chemistry, Computers, Mesmerism and Hypnosis, Languages (Russian / English / French).

Contacts ~ Good Scientific (Physics and Chemistry).

Widow’s Bite ~ Electrical discharge devices placed within each gauntlet and powered by the Black Widow Costume’s ambient static charge accumulators, allows Natalia to fire blasts of Excellent intensity electricity up to 4 areas away every other round. Those struck must also pass an Endurance Feat against Typical intensity or loose consciousness for 1-10 rounds.

Widow Darts ~ Natalia carries 6 airfoil spider darts on each gauntlet. She can throw multiple darts in a single turn. Each after the first imposes a cumulative -1CS penalty to hit however. Also, due to the their design, these darts have armour piecing qualities and degrade body armour by -2CS. Incredible material strength, Incredible Agility, Good Edged Throwing damage, 1 area range.

Cable Launcher ~ Each of Natalia’s gauntlets contains a specialised monocrys swing line (3 areas length) and launching system.

Utility Belt ~ Natalia wears a belt of interlocking black disks and small blood red utility pouches. A failsafe in the belt will cause it to explode (Remarkable EA and Good Energy damage) and be completely destroyed should the buckle or pouches be opened incorrectly.

Each disk is a specialised micro-discus grenade, and all are of Excellent intensity. Two flash, two force, two fragmentation, two smoke, two sonic, two tear gas.

The pouches contain various useful items. Infrared Contacts (Typical Intensity with a 5 Area Range), Polarised Lenses (Good Intensity Anti-Dazzle), Ear Plugs (Good Intensity Audio Protection), Flare Launcher, Halogen Flashlight (Remarkable Intensity with a 3 Area Range), Digital Camera and Accessories, Palm-Top Computer, Translation Software, Radio Comm-Link (20 Mile Range). Underwater Breathing Pills, Grapple Gun and Accessories, Lock Picks and Skeleton Keys, Ball Bearings, Caltrops and a Stun Pistol (Range: 2 Areas; Damage & Type: Typical Intensity Stunning; ROF: 1; Ammo: 10; Material Strength: Poor).

Weather Manipulation ~ Natalia employs a variety of gas pellets, concealed in her gauntlets, to simulate weather control powers. She can flood her area with Good intensity fog, summon electrostatic ball lightning that inflicts Good Energy damage and can effect up to 3 adjacent targets, and chill ambient water from the atmosphere to produce a cloud of freezing rain of Good intensity.

Costume ~ Natalia’s shadowy grey Black Widow costume is composed of Beta-Cloth, a Good material strength fabric. It provides her with Typical protection from physical attacks and Excellent resistance to heat & radiation. The costume includes reinforced gloves and a domino mask.

Wall-Crawling ~ The gloves and boots of Natalia’s Black Widow costume contain microscopic suction cups, actuated by electro-static charge, that provide him with Remarkable wall-crawling abilities.

War Hammer ~ Natalia carries Thor's enchanted Norse hammer, once carried by the late Don Blake, and can employ it's powers to summon Thor from the Realm of Shadows and Mist. This summoning is accompanied by a bolt of lightning and a thunder clap.

The Spider Speeder ~ Natalia’s special vehicle is a modified ’63 Corvette. The car is armoured with 1" of concealed monocrys and its windows are composed of layered industrial crystal, giving it Incredible Body and Remarkable Protection. Computer-aided steering provides Remarkable Control and the powerful engine delivers Remarkable Speed (6 areas/round or 90mph).

The Spider Speeder also has a variety of special equipment, including computer controlled locks, ejection seats, refreshment dispenser (hot soup and cold fruit juice), stereo system, ECM (Excellent Vs. Detection and Override), remote computer links (provides mobile communications via the Internet), cellular phone, heads-up display, satellite navigational system, passive light intensification optics (3 mile range), radar (25 Area Range), passive sonar (10 Area Range), puncture-proof seal-sealing tires and a vehicle parachute.

Crimson Dynamo

Crimson Dynamo Battle Armour ~ This outdated, but (in)famous, Soviet battle armour is composed of Amazing material strength carborundum matrix alloy. It is currently worn by seasoned KGB agent Dimitri Bukharin. This is the second set of Crimson Dynamo armour, created by Alex Nevsky and based on the plans of Soviet scientist Anton Vanko. Boris Turgenov stole the original armour, but it was damaged and rendered useless during extraction and Boris died. The armour provides it’s wearer with the following abilities:

Fighting:Remarkable(30)Health:80 / 175.
Agility:Excllent / Remarkable(20 / 30)
Strength:Good / Incredible(10 / 40)Karma:36.
Endurance:Excllent / Monstrous(20 / 75)
Psyche:Good(10)Popularity: 25 / 5.

Raises Agility by 1 Rank - Maximum of REMARKABLE
Raises Strength by 3 Ranks - Maximum of INCREDIBLE
Raises Endurance by 5 Ranks - Maximum of MONSTROUS

Body Armour - Constructed of carborundium-matrix alloy. Provides Amazing protection from physical damage. Provides Amazing protection from most energy attacks. Provides Amazing resistance to fire, radiation, heat and cold.

Flight - Thrust provided by two chemically-fueled turbo-fan jets located in each boot. May fly up to 8 areas per round (120 mph). If used as weapons, the boot-jets may inflict up to Remarkable damage to those within the same area.

Blasters - Powered by electronic circuitry on a separate line from the boot jets. Produces lightning-like discharge capable of inflicting up to Incredible electrical damage with a range of three areas.

Air Supply - The armour possesses one hour of self-contained air for the wearer.

Power Override - The armour may be overridden to produce a one-shift raise in Strength, or a two-shift raise in damage, if connected with a more powerful power-source (example, a generator). The armour lacks sufficient power to increase abilities without external help.

Soviet Super-Trooper

Soviet Super-Trooper Armour ~ This is a cut-price version of the Crimson Dynamo Armour created for KGB specialist shock troops by Alex Nevsky. The armour provides it’s wearer with the following abilities:

Fighting:Excellent(20)Health:50 / 90.
Strength:Good / Remarkable(10 / 30)Karma:18.
Endurance:Good / Remarkable(10 / 30)
Psyche:Typical(10)Popularity: 10 / 0.

Raises Strength by 2 Ranks - Maximum of REMARKABLE
Raises Endurance by 2 Ranks - Maximum of REMARKABLE

Body Armour - Constructed of reinforced steel alloy. Provides Remarkable protection from physical attack. Provides Good protection from energy attacks.

Flight - Powered by high-efficiency boot-jets. Flies at Typical (6 areas/round or 90 mph) speed for up to 8 hours. If used as weapons, the boot-jets may inflict up to Excellent damage to those within the same area.

Blasters - Power blasters similar in design to those in the Crimson Dynamo Armour. May inflict up to Remarkable damage. Range of 3 areas.

Air Supply - The armour possesses roughly half-an-hour of self-contained air for the wearer.

Halk and Thor