G'day Guys.,

My second journey to the sub-continent took me through Singapore, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. I visited sites of Sikh and Buddhist importance. Aside from the Central Gurdwara in Singapore, I spent some time in the Gurdwaras of Bidar, Nanded, Patna, Amritsar and Lahore. Dropped in on Istiyak Khan in Udaipur and had a great time. The colours throughout India are so intense and the people are amazing. And you really haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the scent of wood smoke and cooking curry on the twilight breeze in a tiny village out in the wilds of rural Indian.

Many thanks to Gursewak Singh’s family, Nirmal Singh’s family and Kaka Ram’s relatives for all the help and support while I was wandering around in the Punjab. Heartfelt thanks to Vinod Khera’s family in New Delhi and Abu Sufian’s family in Bangladesh. And all my love to the infamous Heroes of Hyderabad (Prem, Vishwanath, Harsha).

"So many gods, so many creeds, so many paths that wind and wind. When just the art of being kind is all that the sad world needs."

November '97.