Vald’s Return – The Haunted Monastery Mission

Pre-Title Teaser:

A moonlit night, Alpha (Vedama Panajikar) stealths through the 'haunted' woods of Romania. He enters a ruined monastery and witness a ‘vampiric’ cult ritual. He turns away and is confronted by a cloaked figure with gleaming ivory fangs. Fade to credits...

Feature Songs:

Harbour Town - Ice House & Heaven is a Place on Earth - Belinda Carlile.

Main Feature:

ASIO field agents are being assassinated by unknown conspirators. Alpha is called in as a freelance agent. He vanishes in Romania, but a letter has been dispatch to some old associates. Angel (Anjel Javier Salvador), John Gabko, Cassandra Amasova, and James Wong join ASIO, meet Major K (Australian Minister of Defence), Zebra Seven (‘M’ of ASIO, Merle M. Rasmussen), Mike Moss (Head of ASIO Field Operations), and Algy (‘Q’ of ASIO), and head for Romania. They uncover, with the help of Andres Gulachoz, bio-engineered wolves, a ‘Vampire’ Cult, political corruption, and a naval avionics manufacturing centre concealed in a ruined monastery. They are hounded by the Tarot assassin Boris Detmer. They capture Leif Bergstrom, Romanian politician and Tarot agent, and are about to escape the site, when Boris reappears and takes out their car, and Bergstrom in the boot, with a rocket. The ASIO operatives escape cross-country to the Danube and then abscond with a speedboat from some river pirates and reach Istanbul. Aided by British Agent Mary Goodnight, they uncover the treachery of Mike Moss, a double-agent for Tarot, take out a terrorist cell, and deal with Boris in a climatic scuba assault on the Australian embassy. Returning to Australia, they save Australian Prime Minister John Howard from an assassins bullet and take out Mike Moss.

Gadgets: Heckler & Koch VP70z, Cigarette Rocket, Dunhill Halothane Lighter.

Locations: Australia (Sydney, Australian Alps, Canberra), Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey (Istanbul).

Doctor Yes – The Floating Island Mission.

Pre-Title Teaser:

Angel (Anjel Javier Salvador) and Mary Goodnight (British Agent) are relaxing together in the spa of the executive suit in the Capital Parkroyal, Canberra. Algy (‘Q’ of ASIO) arrives on the scene to discuss the use and conversion of Angel's Maserati Biturbo to ASIO operations. Angel feigns interests, while covering Goodnight’s covert exit. Offering Algy a drink, Angel leans on the balcony railing, in a position where he can see both Algy with the plans and Goodnight in the car park. He fails to notice a 1956 Corvette parked down the street, occupied by Tarot financed mercenaries Curtis Senegal and Helga Egermann. “Just another day in the life of an agent of ASIO.” Fade to credits…

Feature Songs:

My Island Home - Christine Anu & Djapana - Yothu Yindi.

Main Feature:

Angel (Anjel Javier Salvador) and John Gabko journey to Brisbane, on Zebra Seven’s (‘M’ of ASIO, Merle M. Rasmussen) authorisation, following up on Tarot rumours gained in Romania. They encountered and subvert Tarot assassin Cassandra DuBois, and a climatic battle of wits and weapons ensues in the Gold Coast Sands casino. Marcel Dupre (Tarot Section Head – Assassination) and Lady Victoria Lynn Richmond (Tarot Section Head - Robbery) appear on the scene. Cassandra is shot by Dupre, Gabko is taken down by Curtis Senegal and Helga Egermann, and Angel crashes his ASIO car through the casino’s plate glass doors, before a concussion grenade deals with his heroics. Angel and Gabko awaken on the mysterious Floating Island, trapped in a rapidly filling diving lock with Alpha (Vedama Panajikar). They escape, subvert international counterfeiter Sonya Graves, avenge her dead brother Ian Graves, deal with Chuck Morris, Bruce Nee, and Sweetbeam, and finally capture Doctor Yes. The Floating Island is destroyed by rocket fire from a Tarot attack helicopter, as the ASIO agents escape underwater.

Gadgets: Audi Quattro with Armament Suite, Shoe Escape Kit with Themite Shoe Laces, Detonator Watch.

Locations: Australia (Camberra, Gold Coast, Great Barrier Reef, Bundaberg).

Mad Merc – The Alulu Island Mission.

Pre-Title Teaser:

Cassandra Amasova and James Wong are escorting Doctor Yes back to Canberra on the Sunset Express. As they are making their way to the dining car, the brakes slam on and chaos ensues. Curtis Senegal and Helga Egermann appear thorough the crowd. Wong and Senegal grapple and then crash through a window and off the train, falling into the Hawkesbury River from the Brooklin Bridge. Amasova shoots Egermann, but is slugged from behind by Ravinder Singh Reyett. Doctor Yes unlocks her handcuffs and with Ravinder exists the train to a waiting 1956 Corvette. Fade to credits…

Feature Songs:

Sounds of Then (This is Australia) – Gangagang & Solid Rock - Goanna.

Main Feature:

Angel, (Anjel Javier Salvador) and John Gabko are dispatched by Zebra Seven (‘M’ of ASIO, Merle M. Rasmussen) to investigate Alulu Island, a possible Tarot base. They encounter and defeat Tarot assassins posing as Christian missionaries, but are taken out by an underwater minefield as they investigate the Floating Nuclear-Powered Drydock.

Alpha (Vedama Panajikar) arrives on the island with a pair of aboriginal trackers as the sun sinks into the crystal blue tropical waters and twilight shrouds the beach. The drydock has vanished, and all he finds is the blasted wreckage of the Glastron Carlson Scimitar.

Gadgets: Glastron Carlson Scimitar with Submersible Options.

Locations: Australia (Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Cairns), New Caledonia, Solomon Islands.

USSR Zhagadka - The Doomsday Drop Mission.

Pre-Title Teaser:

Alpha (Vedama Panajikar) is engaged in a running gun battle through the Russian naval docks in Vladivostok. He fights his way to a submarine pen, only to see the USSR Zhagadka heading out to sea. He dodges into a workshop and changes into naval uniform, slipping his trademark Beretta .25 into his waistband. He then walks through the docks and exists by the main gates in a staff car. Fade to credits…

Feature Songs:

Who Can Stand In The Way - Midnight Oil & That’s Freedom - John Farnham.

Main Feature:

Angel (Anjel Javier Salvador) and John Gabko awaken on the USSR Zhagadka, a Russian nuclear attack submarine that has been subverted by Tarot. They rescue KGB special operative Ivanova Tatyana, ally with veteran KGB shock trooper Victor Kalinkov, and discover a plot to steal the experimental US mini-sub ‘Lamprey’. They sabotage the USSR Zhagadka, scuttle a Tarot support submarine, expose Captain Z. A. Pleshakova and Executive Officer Lt. Yuri Karamov as Tarot double-agents, and recapture the ‘Lamprey’.

Gadgets: US Mini-Sub ‘Lamprey’.

Locations: USSR (Vladivostok), Hawaiian Islands, USA (Seattle).

Whiteout – The Deadly Winter Mission

Pre-Title Teaser:

Alpha (Vedama Panajikar) is putting his British racing green 1955 Jaguar XK-140-MC softtop through its paces in the Blue Mountains. Sonya Graves appears on the scene in a black Peugeot 505 GTI softtop, and an informal road rally ensures. Alpha wins, and invites Sonya to dinner at Arjuna’s, she graciously accepts. Fade to credits…

Feature Songs:

Summer Rain - Belinda Carlile & Southern Stars - Rose Tattoo.

Main Feature:

After an informal dinner meeting with Zebra Seven (‘M’ of ASIO, Merle M. Rasmussen) on the famous Melbourne restaurant tram, rumour leads Angel (Anjel Javier Salvador) and John Gabko to investigate Atlantis Enterprises and the Children of Neptune, as possible Tarot fronts. While in New Zealand, Angel and Gabko receive a UN Security Council report concerning the deaths of a UN science team, lost in a suspicious plane crash out on the Filchner Ice Shelf. The team had been investigating Atlantis II, an Atlantis Enterprises research facility publicly dedicated to geothermal and hydroponic development. The last radio transmission from the UN science team indicated that they had uncovered evidence of nuclear experiments at the facility and were pulling out under emergency conditions. Angel and Gabko journey to the Antarctic Peninsula and covertly penetrate the facility…

Gadgets: Walter P5, Black Maserati Biturbo (Armoured, Puncture Proof Ties, Burglar Protection {Explosive Deterrent}, Oil Slick Sprayer, Smoke Screen, Twin 7.62mm L7A2 GPMGs, Missile Launching System), Snow Camouflage Parka with Grenade Epilates, Basic Climbing Kit, and Paired Plastic Knives.

Locations: Australia (Blue Mountains, Melbourne, Riverina), New Zealand, South Shetland Islands, Antarctic Peninsula.

Pandora's Myth – The Twilight Nightmare Mission

Pre-Title Teaser:

The light of a full moon through spindly, leafless trees dapples a mist shrouded graveyard. A lean Indian fakir moves boldly through the headstones, making for a ruinous church. A cloaked figure with gleaming ivory fangs rises from the fog. "With the Moon ascending, it is time for the dead to walk. Is the Magician ready? The fakir nods, as an eerie howling echoes through the fog. Fade to credits...

Feature Songs:

Sons - Ice House & Death or Glory - Rose Tattoo.

Main Feature:

Follow up investigations into the Mike Moss assisted assassinations of ASIO field agents, leads Cassandra Amasova to the quiet Tasmanian township of Dunross. Enroute, she falls in with local P. I., Bodvar Gustavson, and Glenda MacAlexander, friend of two missing Launceston agents, George Graves and Leonard Snow.

Reaching the township, they find it to be a quiet and apparently peaceful fishing port, nestled under the brooding shadow of an off shore island fort, from the convict days. The locals, however, are cool and distant in all interactions. As dusk descends, eerie howls are heard from the graveyards to the south and spectral figures are glimpsed in the woods at the edge of town. As twilight fades to full night, Glenda is murdered by a vampire. Cassandra and Bodvar pursue the creature, only to loose it on the rugged shore as the sea fog rolls in. Investigating the howling, they reach an overgrown graveyard, surrounding a ruined church. As they approach, they are harried first by a mad hermit and then by a werewolf. Upon entering the church they encounter the vampire and mouldering skeletal undead. They escape and regroup at their ASIO car. A shadowy figure approaches and reveals itself as the Magician (Inderjit Singh), a field scientist currently working with Tarot and originator of the 'supernatural' incidents that have been plaguing ASIO since the Mike Moss affair. Inderjit is seeking to defect. At that moment, the vampire attacks, supported by werewolves, walking dead from the old convict penal colony days, and Aboriginal ghosts.

After a brief fire-fight the agents are captured. Taken to the island stronghold, they are confronted by the Moon, none other than Doctor Yes, and in short order are condemned to the 'termination room', which begins to flood with icy sea water and tiger sharks. Cassandra employs a MTD and escapes her chains, she frees Bodvar and Inderjit, and they escape via the overflow duct.

Returning to the island stronghold, Inderjit releases the bio-engineered wolves and Bodvar dumps the maniac drug in the air conditioning plant, and a chaotic combat ensues. Doctor Yes and the 'vampire', international terrorist Bryan McCullough, attempt to escape in a stealth helicopter. Cassandra fires upon the fleeing helicopter with one of Inderjit's modified firearms and it crashes in a fireball into the 'haunted' graveyard. The mystery resolved, Cassandra returns to Sydney and reports to Zebra Seven (‘M’ of ASIO, Merle M. Rasmussen). Bodvar joins ASIO as a rookie field agent and Inderjit joins Algy (‘Q’ of ASIO) as the second member of ASIO's small, but effective, Q Branch.

Gadgets: Light Pearl Blue AMC Javelin (1974) (Armoured, Puncture Proof Ties, Chapman Protection System, Revolving License Plate, Dimmers, Head-Up Display, Satellite Navigation System, Gas Ports / Oxygen Units), Miniature Thermite Device (MTD), Ultimax 100 m3 (LMG) with Black Rhino Ammunition. Locations: Australia (Hobart, Great Oyster Bay, Sydney).

Vedama Panajikar is a middle-aged, muscular, and quite hairy Indian with dusky brown skin tones, a bald pate, and a fringe of black hair. Vedama’s eyes are a vivid brown, his bristly black moustache is cut short, and his grin is jolly. He is handsome in a rough kind of way - women take to him. All-in-all he appears to be a likeable old fellow.

Despite his dark background, or maybe because of it, Vedama is an open and emotional fellow with a wry sense of humour. More than slightly nostalgic for India’s culture and history, Vedama has even spent successive years at the Sonepur Mela in Bihar.

When it comes to drink, Vedama prefers beers to spirits, although he is partial to Creme de Menthe as an after dinner drink. His preferred choice in cigarettes are American Camels in a soft pack, without filters. Vedama dislikes cigarette lighters and always uses a match, generally from some odd club or restaurant match book he recently picked up. For cars, only a Jaguar finds favour with Vedama. He has carried a Beretta since the Sixties.

Vedama’s taste in clothes runs to three-piece “English Country” suits in light tweed, usually black, with heavy white silk shirts and black dress boots. He adds a flamboyant touch to his dress by wearing an East India Company tie.

Vedama is a professional mercenary from way back. He grew up as a street rat in the urban sprawl of India in the 1950s. Since then he has worked throughout Asia, usually as a scout, with occasional forays into wet work and hacking. His recruitment into the shadowy world of international espionage in 1995 has served only to enhance his abilities and options.


Anjel Javier Salvador (Angel) is of Andorran decent, although his grandfather is French. He grew up in Andorra la Vella (Valls d’Andorra). At age 15 his family immigrated to Australia and settled in Sydney. After college he served as a police liaison to the Australian High Commission for six years (1990-1995) in Papua New Guinea. During this time Anjel Javier Salvador was set up as a fall guy in a black market deal by his boss, cold hard cash brought him Vedama Panajikar’s mercenary services and he made it back to Australia more or less in one piece.

Anjel Javier Salvador’s parents died in a terrorist bombing (New Caledonian Separatists) in 1993. His grandfather is living in Andorra. He is involved in smuggling and the black market.

Anjel Javier Salvador prefers to drink Captain Morgan’s spiced rum. He drives a black Maserati Biturbo and his weapon of choice is the Walter P5 in a Berns-Martin Triple-Draw Holster.

In clothes, Anjel Javier Salvador favours a “Continental look”, preferring lightweight two-piece beige or fawn gaberdine suits from Schroeder’s of Sydney, heavy white silk shirts, slim knitted black silk ties, and black leather Fiorucci of Italy slip-on shoes. Frequently rounded out with a Gilbert Foss of Paris waistcoat. On formal occasions, Anjel prefers a white tuxedo and slim black bowtie, courtesy of Schroeder’s of Sydney.


John Gabko is of Swiss decent, although his grandfather is Italian (Bari). He grew up in Zurich. At age 15 his family immigrated to Australia and settled in Brisbane. After college he lived the high life and supported himself by becoming a professional cat burglar, this lasted for six years (1990-1995) and his operations were centred in Macao. During this time John Gabko undertook streetfighting instruction with Sensei Vedama Panajikar. John Gabko’s parents have amnesia and do not remember him. His grandfather is living in Australia. He is involved in local law enforcement as a police detective.

John Gabko prefers to drink Stolichnaya vodka and tonic with a dash of Angostura bitters and drives a silver pearl Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer.


Cassandra Amasova is of Russian decent, although her grandfather is Turkish. She grew up in Minsk. At age 8 her family immigrated to Australia and settled in Canberra. After college she pursued a career as an investigative newspaper journalist for six years (1990-1995) on the staff as a crime reporter in Hong Kong. During this time Cassandra Amasova was imprisoned for ten months on false charges, she only managed to escape when Vedama Panajikar made a covert prison break to free political dissidents. Cassandra Amasova’s parents are alive and well in Australia. They are retired and enjoying their twilight years. Her grandfather is living in Australia. He is involved in the world of international espionage for the government of his birth.

Cassandra Amasova prefers to drink white wine (Chardonnay) with squeeze of lemon juice and drives a deep metallic red pearl Lamborghini Countach.


James Wong is of Chinese decent, although his grandfather is Japanese. He grew up in Kowloon. At age 8 his family immigrated to Australia and settled in Sydney. After college he served as a CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) field researcher for six years (1990-1995) undertaking strategic resource surreys in Taiwan. During this time James Wong ran out of cash in a remote province and only survived because he was befriended by Vedama Panajikar. James Wong’s parents died in a car accident in 1992. His grandfather is living in Kowloon. He is a Yakuza, involved in smuggling and the black market.

James Wong prefers to drink Jack Daniels’ whisky on the rocks and drives a deep green Porsche 911SC Cabriolet.


Bodvar Gustavson (Echidna) is of Norwegian decent, although his grandfather is Dutch. He grew up in Trondheim. At age 8 his family immigrated to Australia and settled in Hobart. Bodvar’s parent’s were murdered by unknown assailants during a home invasion, when he was just 9. The case was never resolved and remains open to this day. Taken in by his mother’s relatives, he was raised by loving aunts and uncles as their own child. Bodvar is part of a large extended family, with good feelings towards all. After college he scratched a living as a private investigator on the mean streets and in the shadows, this lasted for six hard years (1990-1995). More recently Bodvar participated in the Twilight Nightmare Mission, and is currently acting as a special agent for ASIO.

Bodvar prefers to drink brandy and dry. He drives a Ford Mustang GT 5.0 in factory red. Bodvar always dresses in hand-tailored three-piece suits in muted greys, topped with a black driza-bone.


Kendrick Ryder is a lean and wiry young man, with an aquiline nose and bright hazel eyes. His mouth is thin lipped, while his cheek bones are pronounced. He has very slightly slanted eyes and close cropped sandy brown hair, dyed black. He has been with US Naval Intelligence for the past 6 years, usually acting as the ASIO liaison officer and based in Hawaii.


Chong Sun Hip (Lieutenant) was recruited into M.I.6 out of the Royal Navy which had stationed him in Hong Kong. His ancestry is Chinese on his fathers' side of the family and Malaysian on his mothers' side of the family. His father is currently an official in the Hong Kong police, which accounts for the excellent liaison Lt. Hip enjoys with them. The Hip family is very close and prolific with members in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the People's Republic of China. Occasional unofficial visits are arranged and the family gets together to speak of many things - the current political state of their respective countries, South-East Asian affairs, military movements, and current intelligence activities. With the return of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China, Lt. Hip Left M.I.6 and joined ASIO. This has allowed him to remain active in his preferred filed of operations.

Due to Lt. Hip's familial network, ASIO has a reasonably accurate fix on activities behind the Bamboo Curtain. Lt. Hip has an impressive espionage background, having assisted James Bond (007) during The Man with the Golden Gun mission. He was also a key figure, along with Vedama Panajikar (Alpha), in the reunification of Germany (Operation: Fire Sale).

While he is very protective and close to all his family, Lt. Hip is not overly worried about his family members coming to harm. Aside from law enforcement, there is another Hip family tradition - every generation has produced more than its share of martial arts experts and the entire family has some training.


Algernon A. McCowen (‘Q’ of ASIO) is a dry-witted native of Tunbridge Wells (England). He was one of the original computer programming gurus of the 60s. Algy is a man of average build with expressive features, lively brown eyes, and closed cropped silvery grey hair. He habitually wears half-glasses, shapeless tweedy suits, and woollen mufflers. A great ABBA fan, there is always such music in the background at Q Branch.

Tarot File Photo - Section I (No. 6) - Inderjit Singh.

A man of Sikh heritage, Inderjit Singh is short, lean, and smoothly muscled. He is quite hairy with dusky brown skin tones, tightly bound hair under a traditional turban, a bristly black moustache and beard, vivid liquid amber eyes, and strongly featured good looks. An open and emotional fellow, Inderjit is an admirable researcher and versatile mechanic.

In his career, Inderjit has 'acquired' three notable scars. Two from his days with the Indian police in Amritsa and one incurred during a risky info-raid in Singapore. In the former case, a thin line of scar tissue crosses his back, from a katar thrust, just below his left shoulder blade, while the evidence of a bagh nakh rake marks his right calf. In the latter, an old gyrojet wound creases his flesh on the left hip, just above the waist.

Inderjit is well grounded in academic pursuits, having studied at the Punjab Engineering College (Chandigarh) and Punjab Agricultural University (Ludhiana). He began his scientific career as a police forensic researcher in Amritsa, after a few years he moved into the computer and aerospace industries of Trivandrum, then drifted into the shadowy world of industrial espionage in Singapore, before becoming involved with the 'Twilight Nightmares' Tarot scheme. Now he works with Algy (‘Q’ of ASIO), as the second member of ASIO's small, but effective, Q Branch.

Sadruddin is an agent of M.I.6 and his base of operations is the area in and surrounding Udaipur, India. He is a native of Delhi, where his family still lives and whom he visits regularly during the winter months. He is married and has two children, both teenagers; his wife and children live with his parents in Delhi. Sadruddin, in the other eight months of the year, lives the life of a carefree espionage man - wining, dining, chasing, and securing women while ostensibly on some case or another. He hoped at one time to join the Investigations and Enforcement Branch but he never measured up. He has done well working the Dehli sub-Station House for Operations Branch.

Just past his 41st birthday, Sadruddin is 5'9' tall and weighs 165 pounds. He is a handsome Indian, bordering on the sexy, a border which is frequently crossed by Udaipur women from all walks of life. His high charisma and natural charm serve him well, since he is not particular whom he romances. He has a light weakness for drinking, and a major (albeit only developed within the last 5 years) weakness for women. If he hears a mission involves Octopussy and her helpers, he will go to any lengths to be involved.

He and Vijay have worked together before, in the interception of a heroin shipment, and they discovered, to absolutely no one's surprise, that they did not like each other. Still, Vijay begrudgingly respects Sadruddin's natural ability to communicate with low-lifes of all types and to break into seemingly impenetrable underground cliques, so the two of them made an effective pair. M.I.6, at least, was pleased.

Sadruddin comes from a well-to-do family who provided him with most of his wants and all of his needs for the first twenty years of his life. At that time, his father arranged for his initiation into the family's cloth business, a post which Sadruddin held until he could no longer stand to get up in the morning for work, a period of about a year.

Sadruddin left the family business and set up a jewellery store in downtown Calcutta, only to find himself robbed three times in one year. Although the losses came nowhere near breaking him, he was angry enough to take the matter into his own hands (and out of those of the apparently mystified Calcutta police). He acquired a couple of guns, hunted through the slimiest underground dives he could find, and eventually uncovered the thieves and their treasures, a trove consisting of the inventory of several stores of different types.

At first, Sadruddin tried to convince them to surrender, but at last he grew extremely upset and shot all four of his opponents. Pleased with himself, and having enjoyed the stalking and killing of his game, he decided to hide his activities and to do this sort of thing legally (or at least semi-legally). He managed, with his father's help, and a truly enviable hype job, to become an agent.

Sadruddin comes across to strangers as a devil-may-care, generally insouciant type of man, set in his ways and rarely serious, an admirer of women (no matter what their appearance) and a devotee to the fast life. He is, in truth, almost precisely that, but he is beginning to become concerned about his future as an operative, since he feels any agent of the age of 40 has stopped advancing. Such worries will not occupy a whole lot of his time, however.

He carries two pistols, one in a shoulder holster, the other in a leg holster. Both are Indian army service automatics. He has access to considerable other weaponry. Finally, he knows the Udaipur underworld - and all of its sleaziest societies - intimately, and can lead agents wherever they would go.

Vasu in trouble in Jamacia